GV Art & Mind Symposium 1: Ruth Padel

‘Imagining and writing nature’          

2 November 2010    

Ruth Padel                                                                     www.ruthpadel.com                                                            

Ruth’s title for her presentation was ‘Imagining and writing nature’. Ruth introduced and read from her own work – particularly from her book ‘Darwin – a life in poems’ and from her latest novel ‘Where the Serpents Are’.

Ruth has been Poet in Residence, UCL Environment Institute. Her latest book, ‘The Mara Crossing’ (January 2011), is a mosaic of poems, threaded with prose, on migration from cells to souls: flora, fauna, human history, diasporas, immigration today, and transmigration.

Guest Rob Kesseler  wrote afterwards:

Many thanks for inviting me along and hosting the meal on Tuesday night. It was a really good opportunity to catch up with old friends and make news ones. I went away with Darwin’s words ‘endless forms most beautiful and wonderful’ resonating in my mind and visions of snakes writhing in my dreams.

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