GV Art & Mind Symposium 8: Garry Kennard

‘Not waving but drawing: Art as attempted communication’              31 January 2012

Garry Kennard


Painter, writer and founding director of Art and Mind, Garry Kennard is co-host of the GV Art & Mind Symposia.

Gary Kennard writes: ‘My presentation is a radical redefinition of what we call art, its purposes and failures. A great deal of the confusion that enters into conversations about art can be elucidated if all art is seen as part of the human continuum of attempted communication. I am indulging in ‘art’ writing this. We all use ‘art’ all the time in our everyday lives – that is, we try to communicate feelings, ideas and information by using all the media available to us for such transactions. We are in fact nervous systems madly trying to make an effect on other nervous systems. What we call ‘fine art’ is merely the exclusive and often obscure and ineffective tip of a process we all indulge in all the time’.

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