GV Art & Mind Symposium 3: Iain McGilchrist

‘Two worlds in one brain’       1 March 2011

Dr Iain McGilchrist


The way our divided brains shape experience, and how it casts light on problems in the history of culture and philosophy’.

Iain McGilchrist’s latest book is ‘The Master and his Emissary’.

‘Why is the brain divided? In this groundbreaking book, based on a vast body of recent experimental research, Iain McGilchrist argues that the left and right hemispheres have differing insights, values and priorities. Each has a distinct ‘take’ on the world – most strikingly, the right hemisphere sees itself as connected to the world, whereas the left hemisphere
stands aloof from it. This affects our understanding not just of language and reason, music and time, but of all living things: our bodies, ourselves and the world in which we live. . . . . but, McGilchrist argues, the left hemisphere has become so far dominant that we are in danger of forgetting everything that makes us human . . . ‘
We had the raw nerve to ask Iain to condense this into a 15 minute presentation, a formidable challenge which he bravely accepted.

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