GV Art & Mind Symposium 27: Colin Ludlow

13 July 2015

Colin Ludlow

dreamsDreams of a Dying Man

The human mind at the frontiers of being

Colin Ludlow will talk about his recently-published book, Twenty Four Dreams Before Dying, which takes as its starting point an extraordinary sequence of dreams that he experienced while he lay in intensive care in the space between life and death.   The dreams raise intriguing questions about how the unconscious continues to function when the conscious brain shuts down. The associations they unlock also reveal how our minds frame the unknowable as we attempt to make sense of our lives in the shadow which death casts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAColin is a writer and former television drama producer. He worked at the BBC for many years, and his credits include The Scarlet Pimpernel, a highly-praised adaptation of PD James’ An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and several award-winning television films.

Shadows in Wonderland, his book about the period of illness which provoked the dreams that feature in Twenty Four Dreams Before Dying, was published to great acclaim in 2008, with lengthy extracts appearing in both The Observer and The Independent.

Guest list:

  1. Garry Kennard
  2. Robert Devcic
  3. Colin Ludlow
  4. Anna Ludlow
  5. Helen Pynor
  6. Annabel Huxley
  7. Sophie Cunngham Dawe
  8. Valeriya N-Georg
  9. Prof Max Lab
  10. Patricia Townsend
  11. Gina Glover
  12. Ruth Padel
  13. Alana Pryce
  14. Igor Tojcic
  15. David O’Flynn
  16. Ralph Chan
  17. Prof Chris Frith
  18. Jules Evans
  19. Yvonne Jones
  20. Peter Jones
  21. Mark Vernon
  22. Terry Trickett
  23. Lynn Trickett
  24. Marta Elian
  25. Nicola Lane
  26. Nick Crane
  27. Basma Matta

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