GV Art & Mind Symposium 25: Dr Susan Blackmore


Reports on this event:

1. From the Imperial Collge iScience website: article

2. From City Philosopher Website: http://cityphilosopher.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/susan-blackmores-delusions.html

Susan Blackmore writes:

‘How can we live well knowing that consciousness and free will are illusions? We seem to be persisting selves, having consciousness and free will. But what could this ‘me’ be and how could there be free will in a causally closed universe? My Zen training teaches no-self and not-doing; my science shows how selves are constructed and actions controlled with no need of consciousness. Recognising all this, how should I live my life?’

Sue Blackmore is a freelance writer, lecturer and broadcaster, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. She has a degree in psychology and physiology from Oxford University (1973) an MSc and a PhD in parapsychology from the University of Surrey (1980). She no longer works on the paranormal.  Her research interests include memes, evolutionary theory, consciousness, and meditation. She practices Zen, campaigns for drug legalization and plays in her village samba band, Crooked Tempo.

Sue Blackmore writes for several magazines and newspapers, blogs for the Guardian newspaper and Psychology Today, and is a frequent contributor and presenter on radio and television. She is author of over sixty academic articles, about eighty book contributions, and many book reviews. Her books include Dying to Live(on near-death experiences, 1993), In Search of the Light (autobiography, 1996),Test Your Psychic Powers (with Adam Hart-Davis, 1997), The Meme Machine (1999), Conversations on Consciousness (2005), Zen and the Art of Consciousness (2011) and Consciousness: An Introduction (a textbook, new editions 2010 and 2011). Her work has been translated into more than 20 other languages.

She has two children and lives in south Devon with her husband Adam Hart-Davis.

To find out more about Susan Blackmore visit her very rich website at http://www.susanblackmore.co.uk/.


  1. Garry Kennard (Director Art and Mind, artist)
  2. Robert Devcic (Director GV Art)
  3. Matthias Sperling (choreographer/dancer)
  4. Sophie Cunningham Dawe (artist)
  5. Valeriya N-Georg (artist)
  6. Prof Roger L Kneebone (surgeon/educationalist)
  7. Cheryl Field (molecular biologist now artist)
  8. Susan Aldworth (artist)
  9. Maria Lopes (artist)
  10. Barbara Domayne-Hayman (pharaceutical management)
  11. Colin Chapman (photographer)
  12. Rob La Frenais (curator/critic)
  13. Alison Gill (artist)
  14. Angelina Giannarou(author)
  15. Hugh Jones
  16. S Davies (choreographer/dancer)
  17. Caro Paul (artist)
  18. Jolly Katherine (phd student Kings)
  19. Warren Phil
  20. Prof Max Lab (cardiac specialist/sculptor)
  21. Spahr Nicolas (neurologist)
  22. Katharine Dowson (sculptor)
  23. Stoker Neil (scientist/artist)
  24. Prof Sean Griffiths (architect/artist)
  25. Lloyd B Peter (philosopher)
  26. Miss Reka Komoli

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