GV Art & Mind Symposium 20: Caspar Henderson

A Barely Imagined World

Wonder in an Age of Transformation

Caspar Henderson, author of The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, explores dreams of life in a time of mass extinction and new creation.

Caspar Henderson (c) Hugh Warwick small
Caspar Henderson

Caspar Henderson is a writer, journalist and editor. His Book of Barely Imagined Beings won the Roger Deakin Award of the Society of Authors and the Jerwood Award of the Royal Society of Literature as a work in progress, and in 2013 was shortlisted for The Royal Society Winton science book prize, a Society of Biology award and a British Book Design award. He lives in Oxford.

bookofbarelyimaginedbeings-smallCaspar will be talking about themes contained in his marvelous book ‘The Book of Barely imagined Beings’.

From Axolotl to Zebrafish, discover a host of barely imagined beings: real creatures that are often more astonishing than anything dreamt in the pages of a medieval bestiary. Ranging from the depths of the ocean to the most arid corners of the earth, Caspar Henderson captures the beauty and bizarreness of the many living forms we thought we knew and some we could never have contemplated, inviting us to better imagine the precarious world we inhabit. He also describes the historical attitudes to these creatures and contemplates the philosophical questions they give rise to.

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GV Art and Mind Symposium 20

Tuesday 25 February



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