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The science of art – the art of science

Art and Mind produces festivals and other events which explore what light the brain sciences can throw on contemporary culture. These events are aimed at the general public and comprise a combination of talks, performance and exhibitions. This website holds an archive of previous events, speakers and performers and distributes news of Art and Mind […]

An introduction by director, Garry Kennard

Have you ever been moved, delighted, fascinated or disgusted by a work of art – and wondered why? Have you ever puzzled over why you like that song, and not another? Why that film? That play? That painting? That building? And have you ever pondered the power of the religious impulse and the strength of […]


An in-depth interview with Garry Kennard is available as a pod cast on ‘The Beautiful Brain’ website’. Click for the main website. Click for the pod cast direct.


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