GV Art & Mind Symposium 19: John Onians


GV Art & Mind Symposium 19

Neuroscience and the origins of art

with Professor John Onians

Tuesday 12 November 2013


In September 2006, Professor John Onians presented a lecture called ‘Cracking the real Da Vinci Code: what happens in the artist’s brain?’ The object of his study was to learn more about how artists think, and how these thought processes differ between artists of different eras and locations.

This is an opportunity to hear Professor Onians, emeritus professor of world art at University of East Anglia, talking from his unique perspective of Neuroarthistory. He will concentrate on the cave paintings at Chauvet.



  • Susan Aldworth
  • Crystal Bennes
  • Rita Carter
  • Dr Steven Chance
  • Nathan Cohen
  • Eleanor Crook
  • Prof Christie Davies
  • Sophie Cunningham-Dawe
  • Catherine De Lange
  • Prof Nicholas De Lange
  • Robert Devcic
  • Megan Dowie
  • Katharine Dowson
  • Lesley Graham
  • Cosima Gretton
  • Sean Griffiths
  • Geoff Harrison
  • Annabel Huxley
  • Tom Jeffreys
  • Garry Kennard
  • Prof Rob Kesseler
  • Reiko Kubota
  • Caroline Lambard
  • Maria Lopes
  • Basma Mattar
  • Larry McGinity
  • Peter Nasmyth
  • Prof John Onians
  • Helen Pynor
  • Jasia Reichardt
  • Tereza Stehlikova

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