Garry Kennard, director of Art and Mind, writes:

Have you ever been moved, delighted, fascinated or disgusted by a work of art – and wondered why? Have you ever puzzled over why you like that song, and not another? Why that film? That play? That painting? That building? And have you ever pondered the power of the religious impulse and the strength of the mythological stories that seem to hold such meaning for us?

In recent years the sciences of the mind have started to unravel answers to these questions. Brain imaging techniques, for example, allow us to see what is happening in our heads when we experience sensations and emotions. It is plausible that one day we will be able to understand the physical mechanisms underlying the entire continuum of human experience, from its seedling basis in the human genome to its manifestations in the grandest of our cultural creations.

In unique combinations of science, philosophy and art, in live performance and discussion, and on our web site, Art and Mind brings together some of the world’s most eminent thinkers, scientists and artists to examine the way we experience and create contemporary culture. We provide a platform for the public discussion of the vital issues emerging from that exploration.

We are at the beginning of a new and profound exploration of what we humans are and how we describe and organize ourselves.

Why not join Art and Mind in this great adventure?

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